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“Air guitars…REALLY?!”

Yes, really. For as long as people have been rocking out with electric guitars, they’ve been rocking out with air guitars. They are much more affordable, easier to learn, infinitely more portable, and sound just as good.

But for decades the air guitar market has been grossly underserved. We’ve got a U.S. Air Guitar Championship and a World Championship but what do these performers play? Have you ever stopped to think about that?

As unbelievable as it sounds, most of these incredible musicians were building their own air guitars. There were no brands trying to serve these one of a kind performers.

This is because mass production of air guitars has historically been impossible due to the mystifying Apostiflister Effect. The infamous paradox was finally overcome when our aero engineers found a way to use molecular compression of noble gasses to attain perfect atomic stability.

Using this advanced technology, we can mass produce high quality air guitars for professionals, aspiring amateurs and the public in general. Each air guitar comes foam-packed and instantly inflates to full size once removed from the box.

Every Argon air guitar box is adorned in the appropriate “fragile” labels and includes a code to scan for an instructional video on unboxing, tuning and playing your new instrument. It’s a very helpful tutorial for you or that special someone to whom you want to send the greatest gift on earth.

Now we aren’t dummies. We get that this is a gag gift. We know you’re going to order one as a prank or practical joke for a friend. But we are all in on the gag. The box you are sending will be sure to put a smile on someone’s face.

Rest assured…there isn’t a gag gift out there like an Argon air guitar. If you want to be the cool friend, send the cool gift.